Dinner in the Sky: The Sky is Not the Limit!

Under the Patronage of The Minister of Tourism, more than 100 VIPS, Lebanese Personalities and Celebrities gathered to witness the launch of “Dinner in the Sky” at BIEL, Down Town, on June 11, 2010.

David Ghyssels the creator of this unique concept was present for this Premiere. Media representative and VIPs got the privilege to experience fine gourmet gala dinner held by “La table d’Alfred” celebrating it 3rd year of success in Lebanon.

“Dinner in the Sky” has been a massive success in the four corners of the globe, and now ALF Events and La Table d’Alfred are bringing this original and unequalled experience to Lebanon.

Aimed at all those who want to transform an ordinary meal or meeting into a magical moment that will leave lasting memories in the minds of their hosts, “Dinner in the Sky” is an unparalleled experience available in many cities worldwide. At 50 meters above the ground, the guests embark on a journey to treat their taste buds to culinary delights and enjoy the world from a different perspective! 
A crane lifts a table 50 meters from the ground. “The Dinner in the Sky” platform is purposely built and seats 22 guests per sitting. In the centre of the platform, a personal chef and assistant prepare the finest cuisine to absolute perfection for a unique culinary experience.

In the middle of the city, in the countryside, near a sporting event or a historical site, many locations are suitable for the event, as long as the view is breathtaking. Throughout the world businesses have already been conquered by the concept. It is the perfect way to turn a simple lunch into a magical moment and get noticed. 
 ‘Floating’ 50 meters above the ordinary brings a whole new perspective to lunch and dinner invitations, business meetings, corporate dinners, press conferences, product launches and entertainment in the sky.

“Dinner in the Sky” can be organized in the location of your choice.   Make a statement and leave a lasting impression on guests by staging your event up in the sky! The only limit is your imagination!

The sky is not the limit!