WC2010 Match Results & Reviews

July 12, 2010

Lethal Error from Green gives the United States one point from England

England 1-1 USA
The Three Lions team failed to win in their first match against the Yankees. The pale and unsatisfactory performance fromthe English team was crowned by a fatal error from the English Goal keeper giving the United States a valuable point from one of its most difficult matches.

Argentina hunt down the Nigerian Eagles

Argentina 1-0 Nigeria

Marseille defender  Heinze snatched a goal for the Tango team in the 6th min. of the game. The Argentineans grabbed the game points with a small win over Nigeria. The game was mostly controlled by Argentina, with dozen of chances missed infront of the Eagles goal from Lionel Messi and Gonzalo Higuan. With the end of this game, The South Korean lead group B with 3 points, the Argentineans come in the second place with 3 points, then Nigeria and Greece.

The South Koreans defeat the Greeks

S. Korea 2-0 Greece

Greece was the victim of S.Korea’s first win in the World Cup tournament in South Africa. The Asians exploited most of their opportunities with full speed attacks on the Greek goal. At Port Elizabeth, Lee Jung Soo and Ji Sung Park netted for the Asians in the 7th and 52nd minute, leaving the mighty Greek defense scattered.

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