Ehdeniyat International Festival 2011: The Thrilling Performances

Summer in Lebanon is always fun-filled and diverse thanks to the variety of things you can do in the many cities and towns around the country. Ehden plays a big part in Lebanese tourism, especially during the summer. With the Ehdeniyat International Festival 2011, hundreds of people flocked to this beautiful town in the north to enjoy its lively atmosphere and talented performers.

The Ehdeniyat annual festival started on August 4th with a debut performance by Helene Segara, the beautiful and talented French singer. The next performance was on August the 6th, by Tino Favazza and the Oriental Roots Orchestra. The crowd was stunned with the magical ambiance of the of the concert as the air was filled with the enticing vocals of the Sicilian tenor and the divine instrumentals of the harmonious orchestra. The sexy and talented four ladies of Bond gave a thrilling performance on August the 7th that elated the crowd, as they are known for their popular and electrifying violin routines that speed up your pulse.


For more from Ehdeniyat,log on to for the full program of upcoming performances. The annual festival continues till the 28th of August, so join in the fun and be a part of this lively, positive atmosphere in one of Lebanon’s most popular towns.