NightLife Undercover: Clubs- Come for the Sex, Stay for the Music

Growing up and living my entire life in Los Angeles California, I always thought to myself how great it would be to live in Beirut, Lebanon. I could get away from bad behaviors that seemed to be synonymous with living in LA to enjoy a relaxed carefree life in a place known for its sophistication, style and elegance…I wanted to call myself a Beirut girl, so I took the next step. One-way plane ticket purchased! After a very short time in Lebanon I learned so much about the country, some good some bad. but I recently discovered something truly nauseating…so now, let’s just say I don’t want anyone to ever call me a “Beirut Girl”. 

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not because I don’t love this gorgeous, amazing, truly wonderful place, it’s because I recently discovered that the term “Beirut Girl” is associated with getting a prostitute! (Add Lebanon-escorts dot come for details). Unfortunately the name of such a beautiful city, with lots of respectful educated females, is used to promote sex and prostitution. Forgive me for being so forward but let’s be honest, someone speaking their mind about the disgust around them is much less offensive than the bulls*** that is happening in clubs around Lebanon. I will quickly mention that there are well over 100 “super nightclubs” in Lebanon, which profit over $20 million dollars a year. Fine I get it, men like to see women undress but in this country the women who work at these not quite strip clubs don’t even fully undress…they just dance around in lingerie. So I offer these questions, why are so many men going to these places, and why are these women making so much damn money? Answer is…illegal prostitution!

Enough about the obvious, I’ll now get to my main point. The repulsive act of prostitution has successfully traveled from “super nights” to regular clubs…. you know the ones that people go to in order to hang out with friends, loved ones, dance, drink, celebrate and enjoy the carefree Lebanese life I mentioned in the beginning of this article. Sadly it’s the truth, but this bad news gets even worse. These girls are not your standard “prostitutes”. They are university students, average Jane’s, day-to-day girls who have other jobs but just want or need more cash. While partying at one of the most popular nightclubs in Beirut you can see these “transactions” happen right in front of your own eyes. Several clubbers have pointed out those girls who give just 30 minutes of their time (aka their vagina) for $50 USD. That is about the price of three drinks! Fifty bones seem unbelievably low but these girls knock out several per night, which means they go home with hundreds of dollars for a few hours worth or “work”. What has this world come to!? At other bar/clubs you may find a group of girls just sitting at the bar waiting all night, throwing out signals until a buyer picks them up. Another way for these girls to find their future client is to purposely start dancing in between men (strangers of course) and the negotiating of prices will then begin.


*A personal testimony: While at one of the biggest malls in Lebanon I was happily shopping until suddenly I hear a couple girls walk into the store as if they were walking into a packed nightclub. Fully dressed in club gear, wearing the highest hooker heels one could find. The girls circle the store, with no intention of looking at the clothing…they continue to circle around. I thought to myself there it is again, I am almost positive these ladies are not here to check out the new summer collection. Not a minute later a large man (their pimp) walks in looks around the store then puts his hand up. The girls see the signal and run over to him. After a short chat they leave…I can only assume no one was available in the store to take the bait. Oh well, on to the next place.

There are so many prime examples of illegal prostitution in Lebanon, as I am sure there are in every part of the world, but I believe pointing it out is worth it. Even if it only might change the mind of one buyer, one prostitute or one pimp. I only wish that these filthy acts would be kept in places designated for them as opposed to places where people want to party, shop or enjoy their time in a clean environment. Here’s to nights of clubbing for fun and sex for love!


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