How to Get Paid to Party!

How do you spell Beirut…P-A-R-T-Y! It’s true, Beirut is known all over the world for its nightlife, making the Lebanese known as people who know how to party. But life can’t be all about fun and games…or can it? Getting paid to have fun sounds like a dream but oddly enough there are jobs out there that will allow you to party on the clock. If you are sick of the “9-5” business jobs you might want to look into these party professions…

Bar Tending: This is no secret. While it is true that the job of a mixologist isn’t always easy, all can admit that it is a blast! Especially if you land a gig at the VIP spots around town…cha ching $$. Side note: The more you flirt and have fun the more money you make, where do I sign up?!

Nightclub or Product Promotion: Go around town and hand out free things to people who want them…Is there anything more simple that that? Although nightclub promoting does put some pressure on the employee, at the end of the day you are prancing around town inviting hotshots and beautiful people into the club and meeting people to come party. Product promoting is one in the same. The trick to getting peoples attention is to party right alongside them, handing out free goods while flirting, drinking and getting paid!

Disc Jockey: I am pretty sure this job is one of the most popular party gigs around…it seems like everyone today wants to be a DJ! And I can see why. This job is perfect for music lovers, enthusiasts are able to share their music taste with people while having a blast putting out beats. Perk: All eyes are on the DJ at a club.

Nightlife Journalist: This job is amazing…take it from me :), especially if you love to check out parties without having to deal with staying the entire night with friends at a table. The job of a nightlife reviewer is to move around the club, soak it all up, in order to explain in words the ultimate nightlife experience. If you land a top gig you may be able to travel the world, checking out the hottest places to party and seeing everything that nightlife lovers dream to see…all while making that paper.

Beer/Wine Taster: This job is for the laid back partier, one who is experienced in drinking but in a classy way. Not just anybody has the pallet nor the writing skills to taste test and write about fine micro-brews or handcrafted wine. If you are someone who has these skills, you have hit the jackpot!

Professional Go-Go Dancer: Move, move, shake it, shake it and get paid to do it! Let’s be honest ladies, most of us go to clubs for one reason…to dance. With the major skills one can cash in a hefty paycheck for busting the right moves that will pump up crowds, setting the best mood for a club. It’s no doubt that dancers add to a clubs atmosphere, so there is no shame in getting paid to liven up a place…dance on and shake your money maker!

Nightlife Photographer: Photography isn’t just taking photos from a camera, it is a feel for the art of photo taking as well as being able to live the moments, while snapping the still photo to capture memories. If you are someone who loves to party but can also concentrate enough to deliver beautiful work I salute you…have a blast getting paid!

Lifeguard: This is especially true in Lebanon. Lifeguards at beaches in the USA per say have their work cut out for them. It is not easy to save lives from crashing ocean waves in deep water. But in Lebanon the life of a summer time lifeguard is a breeze. Usually beach resort pools are shallow enough for anyone to stand, yet all resorts meet safety standards by bringing in lifeguards. So beach bums and summer fun lovers this is a great job to think about for next summer.


BNLer’s what do you think about partying while getting paid? Do you think these jobs would get old after a while?