Lebanese Bombshell Joelle Hatem: “Attitude is Everything”

What do you get when you mix Lebanese and Brazilian blood? A super gorgeous model! BNLer’s meet Joelle Hatem, a beautiful woman inside and out. Joelle began her modeling career in Lebanon at the tender age of 18. After a break she is now back in her modeling groove. Joelle has many striking features and can master any look. Whether it be a commercial look, wedding gowns, sexy shoots, summer looks and more, Joelle makes it look good. You can find Joelle striking poses in ads for big names like Ziad Nseir and Mireille Dagher. In short I have two words for Joelle Hatem…Blonde Bombshell. BeirutNightLife.com spoke to Joelle about her career and personal life…
Although Lebanon is a relatively small country, Joelle Hatem hasn’t let that stop her. She is one of the few Lebanese models that have achieved success on an international level. How does that happen? Joelle let us in on her secrets to international success saying, “Actually at first I got lucky but I also worked in a very clever way. I didn’t accept small offers during my modeling career. I felt it was better to only work for bigger brands such as K-Lynn Lingerie, for example.” That is indeed great advice. Making your own name synonymous with successful brands is the best way to go.

People, as well as us here at BNL, wondered what would Joelle be doing if she didn’t model. What is this models dream career or second choice? Her answer wasn’t too far from what could be reality. She explains, “I am dreaming about working on something new in Lebanon to improve acting here. I would like our programs to be like ones in turkey for example.

Working as model also isn’t so easy for girls. Their career is different from the norm and to plainly put it not too traditional. Of course, models get a lot of flack but on the other hand a lot of support as well. The person who first supported Joelle was, “My dad was the first person to have support me in my career.” There is nothing sweeter then a dad’s love for his girl.

Many have supported Joelle, especially because her look is a bit different. Joelle has many tattoos and for a model it is considered taboo. We asked Joelle why she has chosen to have tattoos and what was the response from her colleagues. She tells us, “Actually the designer Ziad Nseir really likes my image and look. The photographers also like the tattoos, they usually keep them showing as opposed using Photoshop to cover them up”. To go even further we asked Joelle to tell us more…“I have 5 tattoos so far. One is the name of my father as well as my mother. The third is a tattoo dedicated to my religion (Christianity). I have the Lebanese Forces cross as well as a phrase tattooed on my torso that says, “Attitude is everything.

Joelle is not just a model she has many hobbies that take up her time. One of those hobbies is writing but will she turn this hobby into something more? “Actually I do write a lot. I write in French I do believe I will publish some of my written work.

To close Joelle Hatem sent this message to the people of Lebanon…

“Be more open minded and to be more Occidentalized in everything.”


Fun Joelle Facts:
Her Idol: My idol is my dad, and only my dad
Favorite Model: Bar Refaeli
Favorite Photographer: Roger Moukarzel and Sandra Chidiac (for Lebanese)
Favorite Artist: Sharon Stone
Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Food: Lebanese Mezza
Favorite Sport: Swimming
Slogan for Life: Today is gone and tomorrow is another day
Favorite Music: Eighties French and English