Guaranteed Amazing Nights at White Beirut!

I say that nights over at club White are guaranteed to be amazing because the (Add)Mind’s behind the club are constantly stepping up their game. Live acts, professional dancers, awesome DJ’s, international artists… you can find all of those present at White. The place is continuously poppin’ with a full crowd of BNLer’s ready to have a great time!

This week BNL had a great time enjoying House, Hip-Hop, and commercial DJ sets by Rudebox and DJ Bob while trapeze artists hung high above, dressed in none other then White. The way these performers swing around on elastic cloths and unsteady hula-hoop rings is truly mind-blowing. The weather cooled but that didn’t stop bikini babes from dancing along side a retro styled Charlie’s Angels vibbed dance performance. Celebrities were in the house and as always the crowd was upbeat and fabulous!

We all definitely need to get our nights at White in before the rain…well…rains on our parade.