Brut Opens for Another Wild Winter

The weather outside was frightening but inside the mood was just delicious! Brut opened for the winter season with a mix of cool DJs, hot dancers, fun gadgets and loads of club-goers looking for good times. DJ Marium opened the night with the hottest beats before DJ Criss took to the Decks. As the crowd got hotter, DJ Devon K took over with some happenin’ Hip Hop and RnB tracks to get the party really simmering.


Everywhere you looked there were lights—from the dancers’ sexy outfits outlined in neon to fun shades lighting up the faces of the party peeps (think Kanye West meets Disco). The dancers also took the stage in itsy-bitsy “construction worker” attire, complete with hard hats and vests, getting to work with sexy moves to get the crowd moving and grooving. What better way to welcome another wild winter than to just strait-up set it on fire?!