Bougainvillier Blanc: Little Haven in Hamra

Mohit S Balani and Rawad Bou Malhab make up the two-part team of Bougainvillier Blanc, an outlet offering some of the most creative and trendy home and garden products available. Rawad is Managing Partner & Creative Designer. In addition to looking out for new collections, he comes up with the store display ideas and inspirations for our customers.

Mohit S Balani is managing Partner and Merchandiser. Forever is on the lookout for inspiring buys and products and travelling across the world for our store, he is also a self-described shopaholic and loyalty cards collector. The team fills Absolute Beirut in on their style, strategy, and what it takes to make a garden grow.

Tell us about the name of the place. What was the original inspiration?
Back in Dubai, the inspiration came from our balcony: We have transformed the balcony into a little green area, where a Boulboul (a type of birds ) laid its eggs and hatched. In addition to a Yasmina tree, basil & mint plants, we had a Bougainvillier Blanc which we never took good care of… Until it was time to name the store. The Bougainvillier Blanc was blooming! A good sign, we thought!

Describe the Décor you chose:
Refreshing white, warm & subtle green with hints of love!

Why did you decide to open a store like that?
Personal bliss!

What do you sell and where do you get your products from?
Home & Garden furniture and Accessories in addition to award winning Greeting Cards. From tea spoons to vintage mannequins! Inspiration for us is key! We create an environment for our customers to get stimulated & enthused. Predominantly we deal directly with suppliers in Europe. However, sometimes we look east for inspiration!

What’s your favourite piece and why?
A grey colour medium size resin horse on 4 metal wheels. Its cute!

Who are your clients?:
Well-travelled Lebanese. Some have lived part of their lives abroad and some who just love the ease of having a country inspired home.
Why is there a lack of info on subjects related to your field?

Unfortunately because what we do is not a short lived trend & is not a hype! It is a standard of living that reflects every person’s inner peace. Now Absolute Beirut is leading the way, so no more excuses!