Swimsuits for Men

After putting in long hours at the gym, why not don a pair of trunks that showcases your hard-fought efforts.

Men’s underwear and men’s swimwear used to be one of the most ignored segments of the clothing segment. Men did not have much choice in what they would wear at the beach or what they would wear to bed. But now, things have really turned around and there are a lot of designers that are looking actively in to the segment. Men’s swimwear has come a long way in the last century. As late as the 1930s, men were still wearing full-body swimwear designed for modesty. Swimwear today offers versatile cuts, lengths and materials, all designed to complement a man’s build, not hide it — which is how it should be.

Your swimsuit should be as functional as it is flattering. Each summer brings about new styles, and it’s important that you keep cool by refreshing your swim trunks every season because nowhere is it more apparent that you’re out-of-season than when you go poolside. Being in a bathing suit is really just one stop away from your birthday suit, so you want to look good in that final transitional stage…

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• Unless you’re Mr. World, please avoid Speedos. If you have a bit of a belly, no matter how confident you are please ditch that trend.