Rocket Belt

TAM is the first and only company in the world that produces a complete package of a custom designed Rocket Belt using the most advanced technology and aerospace materials with the special distillation machine to produce your own rocket grade fuel hydrogen peroxide.

TAM have built and flight more Rocket Belts than any other company or individual in the world, even more than the original Bell company.

They are the only company that can make a custom Rocket Belt with the options:

  1. Long, Medium, Short Down Tubes to accommodate any kind of flight characteristics, balance, flight stability and perfect control.
  2. Three different rocket engine and frame geometry to accommodate any pilot weight:
  • Five different control valves and flow rates
  • Five different nozzle configurations
  • Three sizes of peroxide tank capacities
  • Universal fit or custom made carbon fiber corset
  • Exclusive head up display electronic control timer made by TAM
  • Hands on training on the fuel process and the equipment
  • Basic flight training of five flights in your own rocket belt
  • Expert support 24/7 about any problem of the equipment