Spring/Summer Fashion Weeks 2013

Fashion industry is growing by leaps and bound and more and more people are showing keen interest in newer trends and fashion styles. As far as fashion industry is concerned, there are four major fashion weeks held in different parts of the world.  Top Fashion events that the whole world waits for are:

  1. New York Fashion Week
  2. London Fashion Week
  3. Milan Fashion Week
  4. Paris Fashion Week

Events are biannual and are organized twice a year.  Just like every year spring/Summer Fashion Weeks 2013 are going to be organized in summer to introduce something unique.

Reason of organizing two events of the same fashion week is to cover the whole year. While in summer you get to enjoy the coolest dresses and newer trends of summer, autumn will be more about winter cloth line. Fashion Weeks have global influence and world fashion industry is guided with the outfits brought on the ramp. Fashion weeks have great impact on people in general as they witness the most glamorous celebrities and designer dresses in these fashion events. It is not just about watching since most of the designer fabrics and dresses are made available for purchase at extremely lowest prices, so that anyone attending the event can purchase his/her desired items.

Source: http://www.beinlook.com/