Golden Details

Designer Amal Sarieddine went further from classic beauty, creating her own identity in the world of Haute Couture and taking care of the smallest feminine details. Thus, corsets were the main asset of her fall/winter 2010-2011 collection entitled “Golden Sun”, presented during New York Haute Couture Fashion Week.

The technique used by Amal Sarieddine, whose designs are displayed for the third time in New York, has changed beauty criteria, since the corset fixes the main flaws in a gown. It straightens the dress, starting from the waist, and increases its diameter on the hips, thus hiding extra pounds and giving the skirt a round shape. On another hand, gold glittering was the common element of the collection, a majestic color inspired by the fashion of historic warriors. Thus detailing and precision appear through the large dress shoulders and skirt which redesign artistically a woman’s silhouette.

The creation of such a collection has also required the use of new fabrics matching the modern designs, such as razmir, gazar and metallic jersey. Those fabrics are rarely included in fall/winter collections. However, metallic and golden accessories merged in the layers of the gowns have allowed each design to express modernism while preserving historic fashion. Some dresses were shiny with gold and pistachio, while others were extremely warm with colors such as purple. There were also different cuts, long creatively designs gowns, followed by three short cocktail dresses.

Nevertheless, the glitter cannot veil the intimate details of the designs; Amal Sarieddine has given special attention to the accessories and the way to spread them between the chest, the shoulders and the belly. Such materials, used for the first time, are meant to enhance the elegance of the retro designs on special occasions. And as a tribute to old warriors, metal chains were introduced, but without turning away the attention from glittery fabrics. Embroideries were executed with infinite precision through chains and beads forming metallic and crystal flowers with a three-dimensional appearance. The same technique was used for the creation of the collection’s unique wedding dress shining in white and silver.

Designer Amal Sarieddine has brought over a dramatic change to women’s clothing look through the Golden Sun collection, characterized by its beautifying details.