Carol Keyrouz “SPIKES” – The Stylish Abaya Collection

Carol Keyrouz, Image Consultant, Fashion Editor and Designer, has created the ultimate modern, stylish and funky Abaya!

Living in between London, Beirut and Jeddah, she realized the lack of freedom available for women, and has given them a way of expressing themselves through their Abayas.

Her “SPIKES” collection is made up of a beautifully cut dress with an around the waist belt and elegantly loose sleeves, embellished with various colors of “SPIKES”!

Carol Keyrouz has various collections coming soon such as the “CHAIN” collection, the “SHIRT” collection and many more. Carol Keyrouz’s abayas are custom made to suit your size, style and taste.

Wearing one of Carol Keyrouz’s abayas will no longer be a painful duty; it will become an intense fashion statement!

To contact Carol Keyrouz you can email her;, follow her on twitter; @carolkeyrouz, and check out her latest designs and editorials through her Facebook page;