Rosie Huntington-Whiteley strips off for her latest underwear range


Although we want to hate Rosie Huntington-Whiteley (yeah, we’re irrational like that) we have to admit that the supermodel’s latest underwear collection for Autograph at Marks and Spencer is actually really nice.

We really like the vintage-style high-waisted pants.

Even if we wouldn’t look quite like this while wearing them.

Rosie said: “I’ve enjoyed working on the Summer collection and it’s been great designing new styles to add to the range. My favourite pieces are the long-line bra and high waisted knickers – I just love the vintage styling and they are both so flattering to the figure.”

We’re sure they are Rosie, but even strapping on some cling-film would be flattering to your figure.

The Victoria’s Secrets model has been busy lately and not just modelling pretty bras and pants.

She saved a dog from the sea (yes, really) and tweeted a picture of a book called ‘You’re Not Sick, You’re Thirsty! Water For Health, For Healing, For Life’ by Dr Batmanghelidj with this message:

‘A brilliant book I’m reading. We always knew water was good for us. Now discover why. Have you had your 8 glasses today??! #naturesmedicine #getdrinking #8aday #water #simple #safe #free #effective.’

Ooh someone’s learned how to use their hashtag!

So basically we all just need to drink more water and we’ll look just like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. That’s good to know.

The model/actress/lingerie designer, 25, has designed one of Marks and Spencer’s biggest-selling ranges.

Working together in collaboration with Soozie Jenkinson, Head of Design for lingerie at M&S, Rosie’s collection is designed to be a bit of ‘everyday luxury’, and the softer hues were used with Summer brides in mind.

Soozie says: “The cool aquatic and silver tones we developed provide a fresh new direction as we step into summer, whilst the ivory and sand tones create luxe summer solutions on sun kissed skin. All the much loved signature vintage reference points are here in the new silk collection with new styles such as long line bralets, bodies and non padded bras adding to the range.”

If you’d like to watch a little video of Rosie in her undercrackers (and why wouldn’t you?) you can do that here .

We’re off to drink thirty pints of water.

rosie huntington whiteley for autograph marks and spencers-1773266 rosie huntington whiteley for autograph marks and spencers-1773267