Harley-Davidson sets up shop in Lebanon worth 2.5 Million Dollars

New opportunities
for growing the community of Lebanese bikers

Lebanon is to become the major hub for Harley-Davidson in the Levant with the opening of its showroom in Beirut Q4 of this year. Inspired by the passion of 800 bikers across the country, Harley-Davidson Worldwide has chosen the city to cater for the needs of a growing community of enthusiasts in Levant and the Gulf region.

Harley fans in Lebanon will now have easy access to parts, bikes and accessories. They will also be able to participate in activities, tours and events, through which they can share their passion with other like-minded bikers.

Interest in Harley-Davidson has long thrived in the Levant. The company first opened a showroom in Lebanon more than 70 years ago to support the growing number of riders there. However, for a number of reasons, the country lost its dealership 10 years ago and bikers scattered and were forced to order parts and equipment from overseas.

With an investment of $2.5m for the new outlet the place will be offering the latest Harley-Davidson equipment, bikers will have a revived opportunity to engage with the sport and fellow riders.

Marwan Tarraf, the owner of the dealership, explained how the showroom will provide a number of services. He said: “The new showroom will offer bikers in the Levant everything they need to maintain their bikes. Advice, parts, latest bikes, services and technical support will be available so that our riders in the region no longer have to go through the inconvenience of ordering in from abroad”.

“The showroom will also serve as a base to run tours and events. This will bring bikers together and help them to engage with the Harley Davidson community, as well as learn new ways to make the most of their bikes on the open road.”

The Beirut showroom is scheduled to open in mid-September in Hamra, next to the Central Bank of Lebanon.