Almaza Light Launching at La Plage

The summer of 2012 will be like no other for the Lebanese as they get ready to be enlightened! Yes! Brasserie Almaza s.a.l. is making the news again; not with one of its legendary advertisements, rather with a great Lebanese product innovation: “Almaza Light”.

Officially launched on May 3rd, 2012 during a chilled-out sunset event at La Plage, Ain El Mreisseh, “Almaza Light” achieved instant success with its fresh brew inspired by great mood and good life. The taste? 100% Almaza, brewed by the Lebanese Almaza brewery everyone knows, with the same superb passion for beer and the same ingredients; and to top it all, with 38% less calories!

Speaking at the event, Mr. Casper ‘t Hooft, Managing Director at Brasserie Almaza s.a.l. said: “Brasserie Almaza s.a.l. had launched in 1933 the first premium beer in Lebanon which soon turned into an iconic brand with the slogan Hayda Jawna, Hayda Nehna. Today, Almaza marks yet another milestone by introducing the first – and only – light beer in Lebanon, with the same great taste and high quality ingredients as the iconic Almaza”.

‘t Hooft added: “Being the number one brewer in Lebanon, we constantly monitor the ever evolving consumer needs, to ensure that we are and remain to be part of the conversation with our consumers. Being closely connected to both our customers and consumers allows us to identify new opportunities that have excellent potential of becoming trends and this is how “Almaza Light” was born”.

Also commenting the news, Mr. Mayssam Badri, Marketing Manager at Brasserie Almaza s.a.l. confirmed that: “Drinking Almaza is a unique pleasurable experience, and making it has had the exact same effect on all the Almaza team. We firmly believe that “Almaza Light” will be a real hit, and that this particular beer segment will find its share in the Lebanese market. We also promise all Almaza fans that the brand will keep up all its efforts to remain closely connected to our consumers and to always be part of the conversation.

This summer, Light will guide your way. Not just any light, “Almaza Light”!