Sexiest Swimsuit Styles for Summer 2012

It’s that time of the year where beautiful people start hitting the beaches, showing off their hot bodies in their sexiest swimwear. In case you haven’t gone swimsuit shopping yet, here’s a list of swimwear trends for summer 2012 along with which style suits what body type.

Vintage-inspired bikinis: Think 1950’s pin-up girl and you’ll pretty much get the picture. Speaking of pictures, if you have any bikini photos of your grandma, that’s pretty the style you’re aiming for. You can choose between looking like a sexy Marilyn Monroe or an elegant Grace Kelly. This is certainly the most chic style for swimsuits.

Ruffled Bikini and Swimsuit: There’s no specific style or cut for ruffled swimwear. It could be a bikini, one piece, halter, or anything else as long as the ruffles are there. The style is very attractive and feminine – one of my personal favorites for the poolside. This style has been trending since summer 2011.

Crochet Bikinis: These jumped into the trends list after the comeback of 1970’s fashion. This is a very sexy swimsuit style. The wide stitch attracts more attention to the female body, as hidden parts are exposed, while still distracting the eye from flaws. Another advantage to crochet monokinis is that they can be paired with jeans or a skirt for a sunny afternoon lunch by the beach.

One Shoulder Bikinis & Swimsuits: This trend was the rage of summer 2009 – and now it’s back. The shoulder strap should make a statement. It should either be in a different color, or exhibit rhinestones or funky stitching.

Digital Print Swimwear: Digital prints have been trending all winter long and now it’s time to take it to the beach. This style inspires from sportswear and is move functional than fashionable. It doesn’t show too much skin, but certainly catches the attention because of the super bold prints.

After talking about the season’s swimsuit trends, here’s how to know which style would suit you best according to your body type:

Fuller figure: Women who are curvaceous will look great in vintage trends which accentuate the curves nicely instead of hiding them. Aim for a halter neck or cupped bikini top so that you bring in your waist for an hourglass shape.

Pear shape/small chest: ruffles on the top half of the swimsuit are perfect for this body type because they give the effect that your bust is bigger.

Heavy Upper Half: For those of you who have a bulkier upper half, you can balance it out with the rest of your body by wearing a bikini with ruffles on the lower half. This balances out your hips with your chest.

Short Legs: Wear a detailed bikini top, either with a bold print or sequins, and pair it solid-colored bikini bottoms. That would draw the attention away from your legs, putting all the focus on your upper body.

Athletic Figures: Go for backless, crochet or strappy swimsuits, anything that would show off as much of your body’s details as possible since you have no flaws to worry about.

Which style is your favorite?

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