The Do’s and Don’ts: Rules and Proper Nightlife Etiquette

Now it’s true that people go out and party in order to get away from the massive list of rules one must abide by on a daily basis. Although Nightlife puts a much different spin on things, it is still a way of life. There is absolutely a proper way to execute a perfect evening. I will be touching on some easy-to-follow rules of clubbing. I agree that most of these points are well known, maybe even obvious, but being that I see this catastrophic behavior on a weekly basis it wouldn’t hurt to read over them… just to make sure you don’t fall under the Don’t section.

Let’s start with the dreaded long LINE! Ever since we were children in school, it has been ingrained in our heads that waiting in line will get you to the marvelous conclusion. As adults, this rule has not changed. When walking up to a club there will always be a line. Even if it’s only 11PM and the club isn’t full, trust me there will be a line. It’s the clubs way of letting guests know, there is something special on the other side. I don’t blame the club for doing this, it is a business tactic that always seems to work. Sure, if you know the club owner or door guy personally you might have a better shot at entering but for everyone else out there in the nightlife world, following the proper nightlife line etiquette will make waiting that much easier.

The Do’s:
-Be patient, everyone is waiting. Remember you are not the only one who wants to party.
-Be polite to other club guests in line. You never know to whom you are shooting a dirty look to, or how someone will react to your rude comment when aggravated.
-Be friendly and respectful to the individual tending the door, after all your night of partying is essentially in their hands.
-Anticipate a line. If it’s cold out bring a jacket, if you are wearing new heels good luck, if you brought your friend who talks too much I wish you even better luck.

The Don’ts:
-“Hold” spaces in line for your friends. This is a sure fire way of pissing everyone else in line off. If your friends are late they can wait at the end of the line, just like everyone else.
-While being friendly to others in line is a “Do”, being over friendly and very personal with line mates is creepy. Do not assume that everyone in line is your friend, you may later inside be known as the girl/guy in line who wouldn’t shut up.
-Do not hassle the staff because it is taking too long to get in.
-Do not say “this is unacceptable, do you know who I am?”, whether it is true or not, it isn’t very classy to egotistically think you are any more important than others who are also paying to enjoy the venue.
-Do not get too drunk “pre-gaming” at your house or in your car. Barely being able to stand in line is not a good look, neither is dropping your belongings in search for your ID. Sloppiness is always a Don’t.

Fashion…Oh gosh this subject can get a little personal. Now, people who attend clubs are always usually fashionable so, I don’t want to touch on style too much but there are most definitely some really big Do’s and Don’ts when it comes to nightlife fashion. Allow me to explain…

The Do’s:
-Ladies do wear heels; men do not wear sneakers…I am not saying that women do not look good in flats or that men do not look great in sneakers. What I am saying is that most of the time clubs have a strict dress code. It’s always better to come prepared than to be sent back home to change your shoes.
-Do dress according to the weather. If it is windy, raining and about to hail, a mini skirt with open toed heels wouldn’t be your best option.
-Ladies ONLY bring the essentials. If you are like me, big bags are your weakness but you have to know when to carry them. A clutch that carries your phone, money, ID and lipstick is enough. You can leave your make-up case and the trash (we all carry around) at home.
-Do wear perfume/cologne on your night out. It’s sexy, confident and most of all courteous to people around you who are going to be sharing personal space. (See number 4 on Don’t list)

 The Don’ts:
-Don’t wear sunglasses…it’s after midnight, you are in doors, and the lights are practically off, you will look ridiculous.
-Lose the Bluetooth. Unless you are that important…think about it.
-Ladies if your highest heels are uncomfortable don’t wear them. Trust me, I understand they are incredibly sexy and cute but there is nothing more disgusting than leaving the club barefoot. YUK!
-Don’t wear cheap perfume/cologne and don’t spray too much of it. Clubs are usually closed spaces. Choking fellow guests is a Don’t.

Mars Vs. Venus…Men and women share the same clubs and party together harmoniously, you don’t want to be that jerk or that let’s just say “unappreciated girl” at the club. Men and women share some of the same Do’s and Don’ts yet also have a short list of separate duties. Being respectful to the opposite sex is always a must Do!

Do’s and Don’ts for Men:
-Do politely attempt to chat with a cute girl that catches your eye.
-Don’t assume that because a girl is at a club she wants to meet someone. Girls enjoy dancing and going out with friends, grabbing a girl on the dance floor to show interest is repulsive.
-Do offer to walk a girl to the restroom or to her car. We are all adults but it is a nice gesture in regards to caring about her safety.
-Do politely make it known that looking or flirty with your date is a big NO NO.
-Don’t get in a physical fight over the above mentioned.
-Do travel with women. Even though they may “salt your game”, they 1.increase the chances of getting in quicker at the door and 2.they might help bring other women into the group. (Think about it a girl wouldn’t just randomly walk up to a table full of just men).

Do’s and Don’ts for Women:
-Do bring cash. Of course you might get the occasional “Can I buy you a drink”, but to expect to have everything paid for is well…cheap.
-Don’t cause a scene. (See numbers 4-5 on Men’s list above).
-Do not assume that because you look amazing you should be allowed in before anyone else in line.
-Do not salt your friend’s game. (See number 6 on Men’s list above).
-Men may disagree with this don’t but don’t dance bartop in mini skirts/short dresses. Mystery is much sexier.
-If you have had a lot to drink…Don’t text, put your cellphone away 😉

For everyone reading this list: DO DRINK RESPONSIBLY! – DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE!

What do you think about this list? Do you have any Do’s and Don’ts to add? Please do so in a comment below!