Is Beyonce Pregnant Again?

According to recent reports by, Beyonce may be pregnant – again! The gossip site insists that this piece of news is not a rumor, but is in fact reliable information provided by a very close friend of Beyonce’s circle. According to the source, Beyonce hasn’t been drinking alcohol for quite some time, and it’s very unusual of her to say no to glass of wine or champagne.

“She didn’t drink any alcohol [for weeks] and we’ve ordered Petrus & Champagne multiple times. And Petrus is her favorite wine! It just wasn’t her,” explained the source.

“We’re told to expect an announcement “late summer” when Bey is further along in her pregnancy. Now she’s only about 2 months,” the source continued.

So what do you think? Could this all be an exaggerated story based on a misunderstanding, or could Blue Ivy be expecting a new sibling in the coming months? If it’s true, Beyonce’s going to be one busy mama – and we doubt she’d have any time to focus on her career at that point . . . Uh-Oh!