How To Get Sexy Smooth Summer Legs

Unless you’re a photoshopped Brazilian Swimsuit Illustrated model, or a blonde bombshell on the Victoria’s Secret catwalk, it’s safe to assume that your legs have imperfections that you’d certainly do better without. Even with a deep summer tan and despite shedding those pounds and toning up at the gym, there are still glitches here and there that you’ll need some help with fine-tuning. Even those gorgeous models that seem more perfect than perfect make sure to add the right finishing touches to their hot bodies so that they end up looking flawless. Whether it’s a stretch mark, bruise, scar, skin discoloration or case of being too pale, there’s nothing that some “leg makeup” won’t fix.

Self-tanners are a must-have for the summer season if you want a pair of smooth, shiny, slim legs. Here is a selection of products that will certainly do the trick in just minutes without altering your tan or ruining your clothes.

Lancôme Flash Bronzer: Apply this gel onto your legs (or body) then reapply a second layer after 30 minutes. Make sure you apply with pressure and evenly so that you don’t blotch or streak. As the tan gradually develops, enjoy your glossy legs because of the gel’s sexy subtle shimmer and natural bronze glow. It has a nice fragrance unlike other self-tanners and lasts for 3 days.

L’oréal Sublime Bronze: Spray it on your legs or all over your body and enjoy the quick and easy application process. It spreads evenly to form a seductive bronze tan, and it doesn’t blotch or streak. It lasts after you shower as long as you don’t scrub it off.

Clarins Self Tanning Instant Gel: The color will slowly develop into a natural bronze glow that’s evenly distributed and doesn’t wash off when you shower. It lasts for a couple of days and is very easy to use and maintain.

Sally Hansen for Legs: This is to legs what foundation is to the face. It is leg makeup like no other that hides all imperfections without any hassle. In seconds, enjoy tanned, slim-looking, smooth legs that have an even color with no streaks at all. Although it’s waterproof, this washes off when you shower.

All of the above can be used on the entire body, except the face; with or without a suntan. Make sure to shave/wax and exfoliate first to get rid of dead skin so that the color can spread evenly and wear off without leaving ugly blotches. Applying hydrating cream on a daily basis also helps to prolong the color. After applying self-tanners, do not spray perfume or alcohol on any of the tanned areas. Make sure to stay clear from water and sweating for 8 hours following application, and don’t be shocked if the products smell unpleasant on your skin – it’s because of DHA, which is the substance that interacts with your skin to develop a color.

Now go show off those sexy legs with this season’s latest trends of sheer maxi skirts and itty-bitty shorts!