The Man Behind LIPS, Johnny Fadlallah

Johnny Fadlallah, a name now synonymous with great events and top models for around 20 years. People see him around, often surrounded by beautiful woman…  but no one knows how the the mind of the 45 years old man, with a Bachelors Degree in Computer Science from LAU, ticks.

Johnny Fadlallah, General Manager of LIPS, is our friendly neighbor at He stops by for a chat…

Tell us about LIPS’s core business and what it does?

L.I.P.S. (Lebanese & International Production & Services) is an events management company with a big International Modeling Network.

Every where we look today, LIPS is associated with a lot of entertainment events – Tell me about that?

We have published a magazine of 128 pages covering most of the events we held last year and anyone interested can have a copy. Among the many events that we held, one concept that I created myself and developed with my team is the Theatrical Fashion Extravaganza and with the support of MTV, we have already done two editions and this year will be the third one in November at Casino Du Liban.

How do you go about choosing the models? Take us through the process?

I travel on casting trips and I meet so many models in different agencies. We are very picky in choosing our models and this is the key of our success.

Why is it in your opinion that beauty is always associated to entertainment?

I believe that models should be involved in any sort of activities and they are key elements for the implementation and they assist to have a better outcome at the end. You have to associate beauty to all sorts of entertainments.


How do you keep that fine line between the reputations that models have in Lebanon. It must be hard.

Our models are known as the elite or the untouchables since we take good care about them and they are prohibited to go anywhere on their own. This is a major condition that we imply before their arrival.

What is LIPS working on now… and what should we expect this summer?

L.I.P.S. is almost everywhere and you can see us throughout the whole summer with major cigarettes activations for Winston and Glamour in addition to many fashion shows and shootings the models are performing during their stay in Lebanon. I would like to thank our neighbors (Beirut Night Life) for their continuous support.