2012 Christmas Decorating Trends

In 2011, the number of U.S. households that decorated their homes for Christmas jumped from 56 percent 71 percent – almost three quarters of the population! But with more homeowners than ever transported holly and decorate their house for the holidays, this means a greater risk of injury, fire or property damage.

Emergency rooms attended more than 12,500 people every year for injuries related to holiday decorations! And few can forget the infamous scene in “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation” when Uncle Eddie’s cigar transforms a dried-up Christmas tree into a towering inferno. Despite the exaggerated comedy of that scene, the Christmas tree fires are frequent — and it’s a fear that many homeowners mention when weighing whether to do their own holiday decorations or hire professional Christmas decorators to do it.

Beyond the dangers of DIY Christmas decorating, many homeowners simply don’t have time to keep up with trends in holiday decorating. Plant Professionals are always up to date on the latest Christmas decorating trends. This year, our Christmas decorators spotted four standout trends for at-home holiday decorating:

•  LED lighting: It saves electricity and reduces the risk of electrical dangers, especially for outdoor lighting. LED technology is improving every day to look more like incandescent bulbs.

•  Themes: Whether it’s a classic red and gold look or a luxe silver and gold, themes are becoming more prevalent. And with fun accents like snowflakes or icicles, toy trains and soldiers, or fruit, berries and twigs, the opportunities for personalization are endless.

•  Vintage décor: Oversized multicolored strings of lights are becoming popular again for an old-fashioned look. Keep displays simple and just line the house with multicolored strand after strand, or mix them into the décor with tiny white lights for an eye-catching blend of old and new!

•  Cool colors: Blue lighting is still in for 2012. It’s cool and modern against a snowy backdrop, and colors beyond the traditional red and green are always unexpected and classy.

Plant Professionals Holiday decorations! are experts in both safety and style, contact us and let us light up your life and give you the warmth of the holiday season.

Source: http://www.plantprofessionals.com