Marielle Byworth: The Natural made Divine

Marielle Byworth, a preeminent and rising designer, achieves an elegant balance between simplicity and richness that epitomizes the grounding philosophy of jewelry throughout the decades.
Having started three years ago with the collection Marijoli, the young designer brings inspiration from around the globe to bear on her various works, including rings and bracelets «manchettes», pendants and earrings, all as Baroque and imaginative as contemporary.

She launches several collection themes per year but continues to adhere to a credo of natural forms. Her childhood, spent in the North of Western Switzerland, left lingering dreams of dew-speckled autumn leaves, golden light in the mornings reflecting on high lakes and the crisp whiteness of distant snow. These are the forms her works strive for, and more often than not achieve. Their beauty is brought to light through various techniques she has acquired during a long life abroad, including Japanese calligraphy, New Mexican adobe painting and the art of Tan Shi Man, known only to secret sects housed deep in the Himalayan mountains.

Sometimes inspired by the beauties of the deep seas, where she often dives amongst corals which she observes through the water’s refraction, the star fishes and the spiraled shellfish compelling with purity, she uses coral and nacre. The designer received her training at la Graphic Art School of Swiss Romande (ERAG) and the University of Art and Design of Lausanne, Switzerland (ECAL).
A careful perfectionist, Marielle has achieved a wide network of clients, many of whom request specialty designs. Marketing, product of studies, not from the imagination of an artist, only follows the wishes of the clients but a true creator such as Marielle feels and offers to others what they do not know they are wishing for.

Her work captures the ambivalent nature of an ornament which must reflect the ambivalence of the human heart.
Like any true creator, she knows that the chicest is obtained by making unorthodox combinations of precious stones and noble materials but without any market value.
You can now find Marijoli jewelry in concept stores in Geneva, Paris, London, San Diego and Istanbul as well as many outlets in Tokyo including the world renowned Restir, Beams and Tomorrowland and now in Beirut at Designers’ Entourage.
The team continues to grow the effort and the brand globally as well as add another brand this year, ‘Marielle Byworth’ which looks back to the roots of Marijoli working initially on a bespoke basis. The first line of which was commissioned by the new department store in Hong Kong ‘Brother and Sister’, melding funky style with the traditional elegance of Marijoli, and has already been a huge hit with Marijoli’s previous clients.