Michael Fenici- The Look of the Modern Man

Michael Fenici is a highly ambitious tailor who first established his prestigious brand in Sweden. His work epitomizes the essential blend of distinction and refinery, capturing the look of the modern man. Fenici is a name that defines a sense of unique individuality and classical taste. His design philosophy of his commitment to every aspect of the tailoring process has earned him an ever-expanding clientele who appreciate his devotion in sustaining the highest standards in tailoring. Having developed his business for twenty-five years, the line continues to evolve progressively.

The experienced designer admits to using the finest quality materials which is fundamental to the essence of exceptional tailoring. “I use only the finest, natural materials such as cashmere, silk, sophisticated wools and animal hair. I do not use any synthetic fibers.” The classical, refined element of his tailoring is reflected in his carefully selected materials that are often made exclusively for the Michael Fenici line. “I am a tailor with a passion for classical excellence.”

Fenici emphasizes that learning about the anatomy of the human form is an important focal point of study in the domain of fashion. Tailoring to precision allows for the suit to fully complement the man wearing it. Fenici mentions that the world of retail does not give most men the opportunity to wear something that gives justice to their individual frame. Fenici makes clear that “tailoring relates to individuality.” He goes on to explain that each individual’s genetic make-up and daily lifestyle contributes to their specific structure, highlighting a greater need for tailoring. The varied physical attributes, whether it be a difference in chest size, height or posture all require the personalized approach of a tailor that can work with the measurements for accurately defining the overall look.

For Fenici, design is a creative process that requires the vision of harmony. “Design for us is like composing a symphony where all elements must harmonize with each other to become a joy to behold and wear.”

Fenici’s belief rests upon the notion that fashion is a great cultural endeavor that requires the necessary thought and time when creating the ideal wardrobe. He is proud to say that his brand encourages and assists clients to build a distinctively individual wardrobe, based on every facet of his life.

His refined style involves the challenging yet creatively fulfilling task of selecting and implementing precise color schemes and modulating garments. Fenici reveals that the apparent simplicity of the crafted garment is only achieved through the complex and skillful construction of the design. Fenici’s plan to further expand his brand is testament of his high standards of tailoring craftsmanship and overwhelming success.