Outdoor Lebanon: A Place for all the Environment Friends


“Outdoor Lebanon 2011”, a major exhibition for nature activities, outdoor sports and ecotourism, and the first event of its kind in Lebanon and the region, opened this week and will end  tomorrow, at the BIEL center in Downtown Beirut. The event enjoyed intensive coverage from different media as Youth and Sports Minister Faysal Karame cut the inaugural ribbon in the presence of several government representatives, foreign diplomats and delegates from the participating companies and organizations, leading the way for a large crowd of nature lovers, outdoor sports enthusiasts and friends of the environment.

Organized by International Fairs & Promotions (IFP), under the patronage of the Youth and Sports Ministry, the exhibition will run until June 26, offering visitors the chance to discover a wide range of outdoor sports and activities such as hunting, hiking, camping, ATV driving, tiro, bungee jumping, hang gliding, kayaking, water biking and many more water sports such as diving, fishing and swimming.

Following the cutting of the ribbon, Minister Karame visited the pavilions of the different participating exhibitors, commenting on the importance of such an exhibition and its value. At the end of his tour, he stated: “I am very pleased that the opening of this exhibition occurred at the beginning of my term in the ministry, especially now when our country needs such events aimed at young people and sports enthusiasts. The message that Lebanon’s nature and its youth are our most prized resource is clearly present here at the Outdoor Lebanon exhibition.”

“We took the initiative to organize this exhibition as a way of encouraging Lebanese people to enjoy more nature activities and as a means of promoting natural tourism and ecotourism, besides introducing outdoor sports that appeal to professionals, amateurs and young people of different backgrounds” explained Mr. Albert Aoun, CEO of IFP Group. He underlined the fact that the exhibition is the first major event dedicated to Lebanon’s natural heritage and highlighting its position as the preferred destination for outdoor and nature sports and activities in virtually all the surrounding region. Aoun also added that these sectors have witnessed a huge development over the past few years.

The exhibition gathers several specialists in the above sectors, showcasing state-of-the-art equipment, gear and clothing, as well as everything that modern-day adventurers and outdoor enthusiasts might need, covering all the necessary materials for outdoor, water and wind sports. This will also be the perfect occasion for a few companies to introduce some of their products for the first time; to mention only a few, General Motors announced that it will reveal its newest 4 x 4 vehicle at the exhibition, while other companies will feature the latest European hunting gear and accessories. Fitness lovers will also have the chance to benefit from a special daily workout program at the exhibition, while the rest of the visitors can benefit from the other exhibits and facilities specially designed to satisfy people of all ages and of different interests.

This covers only part of what visitors can enjoy among the indoor exhibits. As for amateurs of excitement and visitors with an adventurous spirit, the organizers have set up an outdoor area of 6000 m2 gathering a large number of the latest extreme sports activities with an international appeal such as bungee jumping, wall climbing, free fall, the human ball and other fun-filled and exciting activities. Children will not be left out of the event either; the organizers have designed a special area for their enjoyment, offering them many fun games and with the highest safety standards.

Coinciding with the exhibition, a series of special sessions revolving around the environment in Lebanon will be held over the course of 3 days from June 23 to 26. Experts, environment activists and representatives from the ministries involved will present these sessions and address various topics including hunting and ecotourism, examining both its current state and its impact on sustainable development in rural areas, as well as issues related to health and proper nutrition.

Outdoor Lebanon is definitely a must on your to-do list if you are looking for fun and leisure, excitement and activities packed with high adrenaline!