Justin Bieber Linked To Laser Tag Assault

It’s finally happened. The Biebs has gone totally hard core. Over the weekend, Justin Bieber visited a laser tag center (so badass) in Canada where he was linked to an “incident” (or big boy slap-fight) involving a 12 year-old boy. The laser tag center hasn’t officially released the name of the assaulter, but witnesses and numerous reports have linked Bieber to the incident. Though he’s not officially accused yet, I’ve got my money on Bieber as the assailant. Have you seen that hair flip? That’s totally got ass-kicking written all over it.

The pipsqueak accuser’s father filed a report that another boy at the facility hit the youngster but that he didn’t sustain any injuries that required medical attention. Translation: the kid’s totally fine. My guess is the only reason he and his father even filed a complaint is because the incident did, in fact, involve Bieber.

Some reports make the tween idol out to be a hero, claiming he fielded a slew of anti-gay slurs from the assaulted 12 year-old before batting the tormentor’s hand out of his face. Others report that the kid was merely an innocent victim of Bieber’s anger and overinflated ego, receiving an unwarranted smack from the superstar.

Whatever the truth is, Bieber’s folks are keeping their lips sealed. They’ve not spoken out about the accusations and neither has Twitter-happy Bieber. That pretty much guarantees that he did it, right? I mean, they probably would have come out waving flags and throwing a parade trumpeting that dear Justin has never done such a thing and never would if he were innocent. Or are they so publicity hungry that they’ll let any bit of news fester in the media as long as it forces the Bieber name to be repeated a few thousand times a day? Well, the heartthrob does have a new book out, a 3D concert movie coming up, and a new nail polish line in the works and any publicity is good publicity. Plus, every girl’s a sucker for a bad boy. Obviously, he’s just a loose cannon that can’t be tamed, folks. Yep that oughta get the young girls squealing and spending money.

Source (www.hollywood.com)