A New Spa Address in Town

Savour a premium world in your bathroom; relax, unwind and recharge your batteries. The new GROHE SPA delivers personal moments of relaxation and regeneration: enter a very private place, close the door behind you and forget the stress and strain of everyday life. It’s me-time – time to focus on your personal well-being. This is what’s at the heart of GROHE SPA. GROHE is out to make your personal wishes become a reality with various refined product collections in three different design styles – transforming your own bathroom into your personal spa.

Escape from Everyday Life

Modern life can be exhausting and even overwhelming at times. Good health alone doesn’t make for genuine personal well-being. Spa applications and holistic therapies are becoming more critical in maintaining a mental and physical balance. What we need is peace and quiet, some privacy – a place where we can seek refuge from everyday life. In response, people are shifting many of their activities into their home, their personal cocoon, and enjoying quality time in familiar surroundings. The bathroom is a key location in this context, shifting from a purely functional role into a setting for that special experience – a place where you can truly be yourself. Not a boss or a colleague, not a wife or husband, not a mother or father, not a neighbour or a friend – but simply you.


GROHE SPA is based on this social trend. It revolves around bespoke functions for a truly personal spa experience. The word ‘spa’ evokes the same associations in people all over the world: complete wellbeing, luxury for all of the senses, physical and mental relaxation. And that is exactly what the premium products from GROHE SPA create, in your very own bathroom.


Customised Concepts


Whether it’s about getting ready in the morning, a cleansing shower after exercise or a relaxing and refreshing soak before going to bed, GROHE SPA is just what you need it to be. For every time in the day and every mood. The product range is uncompromising in terms of both functionality and design, serving up exactly what each person individually needs to create their own unique spa experience. The bathroom provides the architectural space; GROHE SPA provides the experience – adapted to suit personal preferences yet clearly structured. Because GROHE offers guidance in an information-flooded world. The in-house GROHE Design Studio has created various GROHE SPA product collections in three different design styles: lozenge, square and round. For easy planning and clear, consistent design in the bathroom. Key products are, amongst others, the GROHE Ondus® Veris, Allure and Atrio faucet lines as well as dedicated customised showers.

The carefully differentiated, attractive collections will meet all possible wishes. The rich assortment can accommodate an unlimited variety of solutions. The options include single-lever mixers, two-handle faucets, wall outlets, freestanding faucets, thermostats and concealed mixers – nothing is impossible. GROHE SPA lends itself to total personalisation. Mechanical or digital control, ceiling and wall installed showers with aromas and coloured light, toilet flush plates with leather, wood or glass, and different illumination: the diversity of GROHE SPA including individual designing options has only just begun.


An Eye for Detail


In order to deliver holistic feel-good experiences, GROHE is adding lifestyle accessories to its portfolio: from lotions and soaps to room sprays and aromatic candles and on to towels and bathrobes – serving up that spa sensation from a single source. To make every individual spa experience complete, GROHE teams up with partner firms and recommends only the best of the best to the customers: whether they are looking for a suitable lounger, a towel warmer or a sauna. And when the vast range of products and services for creating or renovating bathrooms threatens to become overwhelming, GROHE is the one to turn to for excellent services and great advice.


GROHE SPA is an important element of modern lifestyle. Walk into a premium bathroom world and emerge transformed: refreshed and feeling calmer, more relaxed and younger. Build in as much comfort as you like in attractive designs that match your personal preferences. Your very own bathroom can provide spa-like experiences whenever you like; no appointment needed.