Him Vs. Her: Virgin Cocktails Or Hard Liquor?

Going out to bars has brought with it a trend that arguably determines a person’s character, taste and identity: what drink to choose.
Apparently, the drink you choose determines if you’re a shy, personal, timid, gentle, honest, dishonest, powerful, fun, boring, outgoing, crazy and/or preserved.
It’s all about strong drinks versus virgin cocktails, and sweet cocktails versus sour hard liquor.

He Said: I think if you order weak drinks, you’re probably a very preserved and quiet person. If you order strong drinks and mix it up, you’re probably more outgoing and wild.
I’m a man and I can handle my alcohol. I don’t mind having my Grey Goose vodka straight up, but I prefer it with some soda and a squirt of lime. I don’t mind having a mojito every once in a while or a funky cocktail when I’m on vacation. A nice bottle of wine at the beach is the way to go too. I guess my choice always depends on where I am, who I’m with, and the mood I’m in. Some nights I’ll be mixing up shots, and other nights I’ll be enjoying some sparkling water. I’m very flexible, so if I feel like getting drunk I’ll go all out; but if I feel like relaxing I’ll order some nice cocktails (nothing feminine like a Cosmo though).

She Said: I don’t know if a drink determines a person’s character. I think drinking too much is unhealthy, so when I watch what I drink, I can maintain my good health. With enough cocktails, I have even more fun than the next guy who’s downed a whole bottle of whiskey.
I’ve never been a fan of hard liquor like vodka, whiskey, or rum. It makes me feels queasy. Sometimes I am obliged to drink vodka when I’m out clubbing with my friends, but if the choice remains mine, I prefer some good wine or a nice glass of Martini (rosso, bianco, or rose) – you name it, I love them all. At the beach, I prefer sticking to lemonade, but if my friends are having some wine I don’t mind having a little. Sometimes when I’m at a bar, I get some free shots from the bartender or my friends order a round of shots and I find that fun as long as they don’t taste too strong. I’m not sure if I prefer sweet or sour cocktails, I just know that I don’t like hard liquor, especially if I have to drink it alone.

Do you think that your drink provides insight on your personality? What type of drink do you usually order?