French Johnny Madness

After his show at Al Madina and Monnot theatres in 2009, Johnny Madness,the french beat boxer/ talk Boxer and vocal percussionist, member of the jury of the French Best Box championships, will be at Abou Khater Theatre at Saint Joseph University (USJ). On the 23rd of October 2010 at 08h30.

Tickets: 20000 LBP (15000LBP for students)
Tel:03 890 276 – 03 320 938 – 03 970 544 – 09 225 705

“Linking segments of plosive vocals with jokey banter Madness gave a casual exposition of range of beat boxing effects.Building up form simple beats. Madnees went on to produce incredibly complex layered sequences that sounded like Sky Bar on a Saturday night. If it hadn’t been unfolding before their very eyes, many audience members would have had a hard time believing that these noises originated from the human body”