st james mojito beirut lebanon5cl of Saint James Royal Ambre,
1 cl lime juice,
3 to 4 lime slices,
2 tbsp. of brown sugar,
10 mint leaves,
Crush the ice, lime, and mint together in a highball glass, than pout in the rum, lemon juice, and sugar. Top off with Club Soda, stir, garnish with a sprig of mint, and serve. For extra kick, mix with sparkling water or Pommery Champagne for a Mojito Royal

st james ambreRoyal Ambre 45

The reference in Amber Rums.

Royal Ambre has the fullness of old rum and the freshness of Grappe Blanche. aged in oak barrels for 18 to 24 months, it’s clear and bright, and develops floral overtones (carnations) and spice aromas (cinnamon, nutmeg, etc.) while revealing all the typical overtones of oak-aging (Wood, vanilla, grilled nuts). It is ideal in a “Planteur.”

The Saint James Range “Richness & Variety”

Saint James offers a full range of Agricole Rums:
The SAINT JAMES Rums comply scrupulously with the standards for the Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée «RUM AGRICOLE MARTINIQUE».
To do so, the production process is strictly controlled.

“The Saint James Drink of the week: Agricole Rum made from 100% pure sugar cane”