Naji Gebran has a new hobby!? found out that the renowned Lebanese musician Naji Gebran, is currently enjoying his hobby of providing Music management services to close friends and high end classy venues in town. Some have revealed that most of the tunes that you enjoy while you are having a drink or a dinner in some places are carefully chosen by Naji Gebran.

The rumor says that Naji Gebran is providing music management services to a number of places in town on a professional level. The music provided is downloaded on ipods with original AAC and high quality wide range selection of tunes that suit each and every location depending on its style.

Many have told that the music on location scj as Chez Sami, The Chase, Falamanki and Mandaloun Café are provided by the music genius Nagi Gebran, who provides a high quality, synchronized choice of music set for the ambiance of the venue.

For those few who have not heard of Naji Gebran, he is one of the pioneers of music in town who have steered the wheel to another level, setting a new standard in Lebanon. Naji is a professional musician/ DJ and the founder of the undisputed best club in the Middle East B018.

The rumor also says that the music management provided by Naji is part of his ongoing hobby to update his wide database of music selection he already owns. With more than one terra of music including house, jazz, french, oriental, drum n base, chill-out, and the list goes on, Naji is providing high class venues with such music as well as private parties and individuals who seek such service.

So could it be true??? Is the music you are listening to provided by the music mastermind Naji Gebran??