‘Pitch It Down!’ w/ Fady Aswad

‘Pitch It Down!’ w/ Fady Aswad at Flipside Mar Mikhael Achrafieh

‘Pitch it down man! that Techno music’s damn too fast!’

Fady Aswad finally drops the cd player, picks up a turntable and pitches it down for his Flipside debut.

‘Ok, ok…i guess i can slow it down a bit and still keep it groovy!’

Fady has pounded the underground dancefloors of Beirut city for the last few years with his signature sound of Techno including the notorious Silver Factory and his own event concept ‘Minimal Effort’.

This Friday night he will experiment a mellower approach to his sets on the Flipside wheels of steel with an eclectic mix of Minimal and Tech house.

Flipside-Strictly Vinyl

More info and reservations on: 70-526 625