NYE At Chaplin Restaurant

Name: NYE At Chaplin Restaurant

Details: Chaplin Beirut, the first Charlie Chaplin tribute restaurant worldwide, is now in downtown Beirut waiting for all Charlie Chaplin lovers to come and taste the new Chaplin-ing experience every night and enjoy the live band show every weekend.

Show menu

The Julio Iglesias ambiance with the passionate “Shahe”

The sharm and the Nostalgie with the “Star Grace Deeb”

The along the-way best hits melodies with the untraditional “Shady”

The non-stop Upper level mood gets to its right address with “The Shining Michaella”

Place: Chaplin Restaurant, Lazarieh building, bloc A, top floor, Downtown, Beirut

Tel: 01-999 971  /  70-999 971

Date: 31 December 2011

Time: 10:00 P.M