I-Fund At I-Bar

Name: I-Fund At I-Bar

Details: I-FUND:

I Bar has come up with new and exciting way to raise money for the national federations in need, while at the same time providing the people of lebanon with the same style and class as I-Bar’s everyday luxurious standards. With this, I Bar management presents to you: I_Fund

With the help and support of the Lebanese Rugby League Federation, I-Bar kicks off this new trend of events with the best of the best.

I-Fund: Rugby Edition.

This special Rugby edition is a party full of excitement and entertainment, as we party the night away in honor of our favorite rugby teams. On top of having the time of our lives, all of the proceeds generated by the event will be donated to the Lebanese Rugby League  Federation and used to better our national Rugby teams.

Enjoy an amazing night with an even better cause, as anything goes when it comes to ” I-Contact”.

Tickets: 40$ including 3 drinks

Place: I Bar, Downtown

Tel: 70-12 70 70

Date: 17 December 2010

Time: 10:30 P.M