Capturing Neverland Photography Exhibit

Name: Capturing Neverland Photography Exhibit


We request the pleasure of your company to the opening ceremony of Capturing Neverland Photography Exhibit at 5:00 pm on Sunday May 8, 2011 at “Surface Libre Art Gallery” in Jal El Dib.

Capturing Neverland is a project conceived by photographer Sara Khazem who conducted photography workshops for underprivileged children in Lebanon to help them develop their artistic abilities and empower the…m with a new medium to frame their vision and perspective on life. Sara used the basic techniques of photography, provided digital cameras, and took them on photography field trips. The first phase of Capturing Neverland (Lebanon) took place with children from Mission De Vie ( This is the first time the children exhibit their exquisite photography work.

Looking forward to seeing you there and introducing you to the children behind the talent!

*Formal Attire Required

(Special thanks to Mission De Vie, Karim Arakji, Yasser Beydoun, Fayez Rasamny and everyone that made Capturing Neverland come to life).

Place: Surface Libre Art Gallery, Jal El Dib

Date: 8 May 2011

Time: 5:00 P.M