Zurich Christmas “Around the World”

Twinkling Christmas lights drapes the shops and streets whilst the speckled presence of the Christmas trees and Santa Claus adds to the gleam of the date.

Bahnhofstrasse, the famous shopping street in Zurich, complements with the adornment whilst bringing age old culture and tradition at the forefront by displaying Christmas decors at a large scale. The pulsation of Christmas can be well felt amidst the decoration of the important Christmas markets like the Globus, Messe, and Niederdorf to woo the revelers with immense passion. Christmas decoration in Zurich with glitters and sprinklers, with tiaras and festoons, with lights and firecrackers and with music and rhythm augments the yuletide spirit whilst reflecting the true spirit of the Swiss.

Zurich Christmas

The public ice skating rink, the neatly decorated pubs and clubs adds with their elaborate menu and classy wines coifs the mood for an immense bash during the Christmas time.

Zurich, the picturesque capital city of Switzerland is an ideal destination to be in during Christmas. Draped in Christmas decorations, music, and lights, it weaves an enthralling charm.

The Christmas spirit reverberates the city. The shopping streets are adorned with Christmas light and decorations.

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