Zahle: The Bride of the Bekaa

We all like weddings and ceremonies don’t we?

Lebanon is all about celebrating, no specific occasion is needed to celebrate when zahle is the bride of the bekaa valley. No specific timing, an everlasting wedding, and the bride is always ready. With its exquisite food, lovely inhabitants, and wonderful fresh air, you are never too late or too early to visit zahle the bride of the bekaa valley.

The gorgeous beauty in the valley of the Bekaa is 52 km away from Beirut City. You are never too far from the wedding destination, Zahle respects time and takes only from 60 to 75 min on the road that you will enjoy as you gradually approach the lovely area. Push away all your problems and anxieties aside and enjoy what Zahle has to offer you, for its name is derived from the language” Arabic verb زحل” zahhala”, which means to push away and it would be an offence for our bride not to put a smile on our face in her own wedding. A gift of her own, our bride offers us a child of her own called the Berdaouni River. You can get to know this miraculous creation by the numerous restaurants located all around the Berdaouni River, take all your time for everything is magical about this area.

The food, and when you eat you taste much more than flavor, but the care and soul of the farmer that has been put every single day. From irrigation of the land till the collecting of the plants, it is guaranteed that the dishes you taste are fresher than the air you breath. Zahle is the town of the “mezze” which is a variety of more than thirty different dishes from which are “kebbe” “hommos” “tabboule”, “Shanklish”, and so on. Adding to this, Zahle is famous for its “Arak” a white dress naturally fabricated from the countless vines surrounding this area that fits not only our bride, but everyone attending the wedding. And when you feel like sweets do not hesitate in trying the natural homemade ice cream, coming from a royal family and a traditional one as well, Zahle has mastered the art of food including ice cream.

You are all invited to the wedding of our lovely bride Zahle, on the banks of Berdawneh, don’t miss it!

So let us all sing along…..
زحلة يا دار السلام                                                  فيك مربى الأسودي
على الضيم والله ما ننام                                            الموت ببوز البارودي

By Noor Harb