White Coast: A Fresh & Relaxed Seafood Dining Experience


For a fresh and delicious seafood dining experience, Addmind opened the doors to its Mediterranean fish restaurant, White Coast, on the Jal el Dib seaside highway a few months ago. People looking for a calm, light and relaxed evening out will enjoy the food and the setting at White Coast. The outdoor terrace recently opened a couple of months ago when the weather became warmer. It is a very intimate and tranquil setting, surrounded by the sea and graced with the soft breeze. It is very casual, comfortable and down-to-earth, making your dining experience a very enjoyable one.

The décor is very simple and fresh. All colors are related to the serenity of the nature around us. Whether it’s the blue ocean, the white clouds, of the green trees, all shades used around the venue exude serenity and harmony. Comfortable cushions and sofas, spacious table and lighting that is bright enough to lift your mood but dim enough to keep you relaxed. The outdoor terrace is dimly lit and very laid back. Fans keep you cool as you listen to the sound of the waves while enjoying deliciously prepared fresh seafood.

White Coast has its signature in all its platters; whether it’s common or unique platter, you will taste something different, original, strange and daring. Every dish has a twist; you can ask your waiter for the specialties so that you can ensure that you’ve tried something new that you can tell your friends about. One of my personal favorites among the cold mezze are the crab salad, fresh and moist on a bed of crispy rocket leaves and topped with cherry tomatoes and a lemon oil dressing. Another delicious dish is the octopus carpaccio. This platter is definitely a crowd pleaser that deserves seconds; thin slices of fresh octopus topped with the chef’s secret sauce that will thrill your taste buds. The hot mezze items are very tasty as well, especially the calamari in wine; fresh sautéed calamari served a rich and satisfying wine sauce. The Mediterranean shrimp is quite an original and strange platter; sautéed in a spicy sauce with green peppers and feta cheese, a very tasty combination. The shrimp provencal is another crowd pleaser, with garlic and coriander in a lemon and virgin olive oil dressing. For the main course, the grilled loup de mer with Egyptian spices or the lobster are both very good choices to go with. For desserts, caramel biscuits and ashta rolls are a delicious end to your meal, along with some fresh watermelon. Order a nice bottle of white wine and you’re set for the evening.

The portions are moderate; typical of a mezze style menu, allowing you to order several items and enjoy the variety of the menu. The staff is friendly and there was no delay in our service.  

Whether you choose to go with friends, colleagues or family, you’ll surely enjoy what White Coast has to offer. It is the first in its genre to open in that location and provides its signature touches that seafood lovers will find daring and different.

Dress code is smart casual.

Price per person including drinks is approximately 50-70 USD.

Rating: 3.5/5

For reservation:  +961 3 066 577

If you have been to White Coast, please leave a comment on the page, letting us know how your experience was and how you think the venue can improve.