Whisky Mist: Did You Get Your Key Yet? Joe Fournier, Talks to BNL

“Did you get the key? Did you apply for your gold key?” Are but a couple of questions buzzing around the opening of London’s most glamorous and exclusive bar and club, Whisky Mist in Beirut this month. Acclaimed for its sophistication, impeccable service and A-list clientele, the nightspot will fit perfectly into the stylish bar scene of Lebanon’s capital city.

One of Whisky Mist’s partners, Joe Fournier, takes some time off before the opening and during all the  preparations to talk with BeirutNightlife.com about the new venture and the excitement around it!

Before anything please tell us about the ‘key’ that’s driving everyone crazy?

Ahh this key is something special. A solid silver Whisky Mist key designed by Jade Jagger is usually given to members in London, but in Lebanon, following the glamorous bling bling lifestyle, we chose to make the keys in solid gold. They are also designed by Jade Jagger, who’s the daughter of Mick Jagger and a famous jewelry designer. Membership to Whisky Mist Beirut will be by application, invitation or referral. This key allows you to enter without booking for example in any Whisky Mist, whether here or in London. So start applying for a chance to become a member! It’s very limited.

What’s so special about Whisky Mist?

We offer a completely different experience to night life. This is what we are here to do. For example Whisky Mist will offer only the most exquisite drinks; with a selection of the finest whiskies and champagnes.  Classic cocktails will be given the Whisky Mist touch with signature drinks including: The English Mojito, a refreshing blend of Bombay Sapphire, bruised mint, fresh lemon juice and organic cane syrup Wanton Abandon, a heady blend of 42 Below vodka, lemon juice, strawberry purée, topped with champagne and garnished with white chocolate-dipped strawberries.

Highlight of the evening will be Whisky Mist Quaiches, the unique sharing cocktails designed for 6-8 people and served in breathtaking solid silver chalices.  The Royal Monarch Quaich will be composed of Glenmorangie 1981, Japanese Matcha Single Estate, Sidr honey, Sicilian Lemon Juice and topped with Cristal Champagne.

Who usually goes to Whisky Mist?

London’s Whisky Mist counts A-list and Royals among their regular clientele, with recent visitors including: Prince William, Prince Harry, Kate Middleton, George Clooney, Madonna, Matt Damon, Robert de Niro, Lewis Hamilton and Christina Aguilera, and its sister club in Beirut will attract the same international high profile crowd.

Should we expect celebrities to come to the opening?

It’s a surprise. I can’t say. You will find out in due time. I am sure the minute they land everyone will know. We don’t pay celebrities to come hang out at Whisky Mist. They come for the entertainment and the uniqueness of its nightlife experience. We are friends with all of them so they come to hang out and have a good time!

What about the location and the decoration in Beirut?

Whisky Mist will be located in Beirut’s prestigious five-star hotel, Phoenicia Beirut at Le Paon Rouge.  The Phoenicia’s glamorous heritage and luxurious reputation in the region made it the ideal option for Whisky Mist.

The 350 capacity venue is luxurious space with gold and amber hues, reminiscent of the club’s namesake, whisky.  The main bar will offer large mirrored walls, bouncing light from the thousands of twinkling lights on the ceiling throughout. This will be a first in Lebanon, as a full LED light ceiling will offer lighting flexibility that has never been seen in Beirut. Texting and animation effects, as well as simultaneous sound to light effects, will hypnotize all clubbing enthusiasts, creating a mood unique to Whisky Mist.

Dark leather banquettes will be placed at discreet angles around the dance floor and in the center of the floor there will be two VIP booths for high profile guests who want to be in the thick of the action.

There will be a separate area for VIPs with booths in black and gold leather, with mirrors perfectly positioned for people watching.  The main VIP room – that seats only 180 will be a haven for famous revelers to enjoy the energetic electro music and unique Whisky Mist energy away from the crowds. And for even more exclusively intimate affairs, Whisky Mist offers the LUXE ROOM, a private room with a capacity of 40 seated and 20 standing, where even a dedicated DJ can hook up and have the Luxe Room groove to an entirely different beat.

The bar will be fashioned from granite, and design details will include; a life-size bronze bust of the legendary stag, Whisky Mist, stalked by Queen Victoria in the glens of Balmoral, racing trophies won by the racing horse she subsequently named after the elusive stag and three stunning rock crystal chandeliers bathing guests in warm light.

Can you tell us why you are leaving the name Paon Rouge?

Le Paon Rouge, formerly a hotspot for the region’s rich and famous during the golden days of Beirut in the 60s & 70s, will be the grounds for the Whisky Mist’s new global club. Reviving the essence of Le Paon Rouge, Whisky Mist will be bringing back the glamour and sophistication to the Beirut Nightlife, while offering a one of a kind experience for all to enjoy. We left the name La Paon Rouge under Whisky Mist on purpose. We want to add to and revive the past.


Tell us more about the name, Whisky Mist.

This is a funny story! Queen Victoria of England, was know to have a couple of whiskeys. Every time she drank she would see a figure in the mist. Until now, no one knows if what she was seeing was actually true or it was due to the alcohol. Hence the name Whisky Mist.

More about the music?

Music and Sound will get people moving till the wee hours, since Whisky Mist will be blessed with a Dynacord Sound system, pumping out beats of 4000 Watt Power amplifiers.

So I guess you should stop complaining and apply for the key. You may still have a chance! Limited quantity