Vinifest 2012 is has Begun!

Wine connoisseurs did you make it out to Vinifest 2102 yet? Vinifest is the pinnacle event of the fall season, bringing together thousands of wine lovers from across Lebanon to celebrate the largest and most exciting wine festival of the Middle East. Many gathered at the Beirut Hippodrome to enjoy delicious wine and food, accompanied by items that match the sophistication of wine.

At around 7PM, guests arrived to receive their wine glasses at the door. These glasses, of course, were to be used for tasting the approximately 50 different, delicious wines that were exhibiting. The evening saw many performances, which added excitement to the already wonderful evening. The Lebanese Army Orchestra performed during the festival, as well as a live Hip-Hop and break-dance show. In addition, students of Khanito’s Dance Academy put on a brilliant ballroom dance performance. As a special treat Khanito himself performed a special dance routine, after receiving many requests from the audience and his fans. Among the many guests, Spanish ambassador as Michel Pharon attended the Vinifest Wine Festival 2012.

If you haven’t had the chance to check out ViniFest, it isn’t too late! Vinifest will continue today and tomorrow, marking Oct. 6th as closing night. Don’t miss it!