Vertu launch its latest model- ASCENT

Vertu announced the launch of its latest model, the new Ascent at an event at Palais Beirut by Crystal. Conceived, designed and inspired by icons of power, speed, performance and technologies such as stealth, Ascent uses extreme design and enhanced features to complement a fast-paced lifestyle.

Also enhanced on the inside, the engine in the Ascent offers quad-band 3G and GSM network coverage, ensuring the best possible connection. The phone comes equipped with Assisted GPS technology and pre-loaded worldwide maps covering more than 190 countries as well as a 32GB2 internal memory, providing storage for files such as photographs and video footage.

Ascent features a high-quality, five mega pixel camera with sapphire crystal lens protection and forced auto-focus for optimum clarity. When browsing the internet, the Ascent’s tilt sensor will adjust the view from portrait to landscape when the handset is turned 90 degrees counter clockwise.