Urban: Addmind’s Fantastic New Restaurant, Bar and Lodge in Faqra


Winter enthusiasts love nothing more than spending a sunny, snow-covered weekend in the mountains.

And what’s better than enjoying a delicious dinner and a relaxing glass of wine after long and tiring day on the slopes?

Summer fans also enjoy a weekend up in the mountains to escape the scorching heat and uncomfortable humidity, as they enjoy a sunset drink while taking in the picturesque scenery around them.

In both cases, coziness and charm are crucial elements, and you can find them at Urban in Faqra. This newly opened restaurant and bar is the epitome of the Faqra experience; rugged yet refined, casual and homey yet purposefully elegant.

Urban provides a quiet retreat from hectic city life with good food, a wonderful view, and small town hospitality.

So, what is Urban? It is the latest creation under the ever-growing Addmind umbrella, the mother company behind White, Iris, and MAD.

Take a break from the noisy city to unwind after skiing, indulge in a warm meal, and enjoy a restful night’s sleep. Far more than just another lodge added to Faqra’s list, Urban is first and foremost a restaurant bar, which happens to have 8 cozy guest rooms in case you get too lazy to make the winding drive back home.

Pictures simply cannot express how trendy and stylish this new project is. Urban’s restaurant décor exudes a global level of chic and is the first of its kind in the mountains of Faqra and Faraya. As for the 8 rooms, they provide the utmost levels of comfort, and the highest levels of quality in such a simple surrounding. Young, hip, cool, trendy and happening, while exuding elegance, Urban certainly has the Addmind signature clearly signed on it.

Deluxe room for 275$
Studio suites for 375$

For reservation, please call: +961 76 070 605