Un Coeur Pour Philippe

A fundraising concert for the Lebanese citizen in Lebanon Philippe held at Jamhour.
Philippe was born with a cardiomyopathy. He is 25 years old.
His condition has changed since last Christmas. He had fluids in the lungs, oedemas in the legs and had a thrombosis on may 9th.
His cardiologist as well as other specialists all agree that only a HEART TRANSPLANT can save him.
The operation would have taken place at the Georges Pompidou hospital in Paris. Philippe didn’t have any healthcare coverage in France since he is Lebanese and the operation costs 220 000 euros approximately, and his family can’t pay this sum on their own.
A bank account was created in Lebanon, Paris, and a Paypal account is available for overseas donations.
Unfortunately Philipe did not make it, He passed away the day of the surgery just a couple of hours before.
BeirutNightLife.com extends its condolences to the family of Philippe. May he rest in peace.