The Trip of Lifetime: Living the Dream with Harley Davidson

I am honored to announce that and were the only digital media in the MENA region chosen to travel and ride with the Harley-Davidson crew, for their global press tour in Miami, Florida.

Come with us on a journey that we can very well say was a trip of a lifetime…

5, 4, 3, 2, 1…touch down Miami International Airport! Upon arrival to our hotel, the Shore Club in South Beach, I was happy to known that with our hotel cam e the infamous Nobu, the picturesque Sky Bar and above all the glorious Miami Beach! Being greeted in my bedroom with the following, a large chocolate in the shape of a motorbike and two bottles of Corona sitting on ice accompanied by Harley-Davidson branded glasses, proved this trip was going to be the ultimate getaway with Harley-Davidson. After take my deep breath of joy, we headed out for dinner, a welcoming treat before the first big day.

On the first day all were ready to ride the streets of Miami. Matthew Knott, EMEA Marketing Manager, explained the trip’s purpose, details, rides, routes, and the main topic, Art of Custom. Soon after we headed out for a ride towards Cutler Bay a beautiful private residences surrounded by greenery. The next big treats for the day was heading to Peterson’s Florida were I was able to browse Harley-Davidson’s largest show room, all I have to say is WOW!

The remainder of the evening was incredible…try an NBA game! The Miami Heat took on the Orlando Magic and I was there checking out the game along with spotting some big names such as Bill Clinton, Lil’ Wayne and Chris Brown. Here are some photos of day one.


Day two…I slept for 3 hours last night, but who needs sleep in Miami? We headed out for our second ride which was from South beach through Ocean Drive, MacArthur Causeway, Downtown Miami and finally to the Wynwood District reaching the Gibson Studios’, a very impressive art gallery. We took a gallery tour and enjoyed presentations from big names such as the man behind the artistic custom made Gibson Guitars as well as numerous ambassadors from HD. This was a day full of priceless quality time spent with talented speakers. (See video for sneak peeks). Now off to discover the Wynwood District and grab dinner. Check out this photo recap of the day.

Finally the day I have been waiting for! Day three. I traveled all the way from the Middle East to discover the true meaning behind Harley-Davidson, and the thrill of the ride. I was happy to hear that day three was to be our longest ride, I was ready for South Beach to the Florida Keys. I chose to take the longest route in order to hit the southern-most point of the USA, a 168-mile route that took about 5 hours to reach and 5 hours to return. On this ride we also crossed a 7 mile long bridge before reaching Key West, could you even imagine!? The scenery was epic, the lovely sound of the ocean which surrounded me from both sides with a view of the surrounding islands…it was simply amazing. We crossed Biscayne Bay where we spotted homes of stars such as Shaquille O’Neal, Gloria Estefan, Julio Iglesias and more.

Upon reaching Florida Keys’ first islands, entirely new scenery flooded our vision. The further we drove, the more captivated we were: the cooler the breeze became as we drove at 90mph, the bluer the ocean water looked, and the more picturesque the scenery with the striking Virgin Islands, which made me dream of one day building and owning a home there. Soon after, we reached Marathon Island for some sightseeing and a quick photo shoot. Back on the road now, passing Key Largo to Islamorada then reaching the famous attraction in Marathon which was the Seven Mile Bridge I had mentioned. We finally reached Key West, an old town full of wooden houses, what a lovely place full of positive energy! Key West was full of peace and love, colorful homes, old buses that resembled trains taking tourists around the area, and most of all more bikers, more Harley-Davidson riders to be exact.

After an 11 hours ride I was nearly dead, although myself and my fellow riders were more then tired we all agreed that the ride was well worth it and frankly it was the ride of a lifetime. We ended the day with an awesome pool party in South Beach…not to shabby huh?! Here are the photos from day three, hope you enjoy as much as I did. 

During my three full days in Miami riders from the Harley-Davidson family, I was able to learn about he Art of Custom (a global campaign that will run in the next few months), I rode newly released bikes like the V-Rod, while I experienced the ride of my life. I left with wonderful memories of the USA, as this experience truly gave me a taste of the American Dream.

Sweet dreams are made of sweet moments like these. Harley-Davidson makes every day count! I will leave you with these final photos of the perfect trip.

“Whenever you ride with Harley-Davidson, it is always about true and positive energy. It is a community that is full of respect, maybe the most respectful in all type of vehicles or on the roads; you won’t feel that until you ride.”

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