“The Oriental Night 6”: A Lebanese Music Extravaganza

MTV presented one the biggest Oriental/Arabic/Lebanese music shows in Lebanon if not the Middle East with “The Oriental Night 6” held at Forum De Beyrouth. The event, which is produced by 2U2C in collaboration with Arabooking, gathered Arabic music fans from all ages to enjoy some of the best stars and music in Lebanon along with top class music from the orchestra led by Elie Alya.

The event warm up was with Murex d’Or 2012 winners Ziad Bourji, Sabine and Anwar Nour, displaying great talent and showing why they deserved the titles for this year. Crowds then sang along with another Murex winner, the star from Zahle Naji El Osta, with “fakkarton khelso” and “Kebraneh Brasa”.

It was time for a taste of the big stars with the “1100: Alf o Miyeh” Star Nawal Zoghbi singing some of her new songs and taking us back in time with songs such as “Nos El 2alb”. Next on the list was the very talented Murex winner Sara Al Hani revealing one of her newest songs.

Before midnight, Forum De Beyrouth was packed with fans waiting for more, especially the one and only Assi El Hellani, who set the venue on fire with “Byekfeh Innak Lebanani” and “Jan Jnooni” with crowds asking for more and dancing along with “Lebanese Arabic Music Knight”. The night went wild with Joseph Attieh taking over the stage from Assi, with more dabkeh hit songs and special dedication to Lebanon with “Lebnan ra7 yerja3”.

The Lebanese Pop Star Rami Ayyach had his part in making it a perfect Lebanese Music carnaval, after storming the stage with his hit songs, closing “The Oriental Night 6” in style.

It was perfect, it was wild, it was Lebanese… “The Oriental Night 6” presented by MTV and produced by 2U2C in collaboration with Arabooking, did it again and is promising Lebanon even more to come..

BeirutNightLife.com was there as usual, and here is an oriental taste of that night…