SPLONGE kicks off the New Year with flair

An exclusive New Year’s Event bash for a community of like-minded individuals

Beirut, January 1st, 2010 – Hundreds of guests gathered to celebrate the turn of the clock, in a New Year’s Eve bash organized by SPLONGE, an Event and Music Management company, with a track record of some of the liveliest festivities in past years.

SPLONGErs (the active community of partygoers), from both Lebanon and abroad gathered with one aim in mind, to ensure the final moments of the past year will be remembered, and to welcome the new decade with the vivacity they are known for. The SPLONGE management ensured that every area of the night was up to par, with no detail gone unnoticed.

Celebrating the final moments of 2009, well-known DJ maDJam spun the greatest hits, both past and present, taking the partygoers into the New Year with addictive beats.

The venue, Metis, located in Monot, was completely transformed, sealed with the signature SPLONGE touch. The SPLONGE logo was displayed around the venue with dozens of disco balls and charms dispersed on the tables, creating an eye-catching setup. Stephanie SPLONGE, the group’s animated jaw-dropping lady mascot, welcomed the guests at the door.

The crowds went wild as the second hand ticked away, with DJ maDJam counting down the last moments with vigor and excitement. Finally, 2010 had arrived, a new year and a new decade, leaving the guests partying till dawn.

In each car, a SPLONGE signature keychain was placed, giving the guests a token of appreciate for their commitment to Splonging, and as a souvenir for one of the greatest New Year celebrations ever hosted.