Silver: Every Souk has a Silver Lining

Silver by C&G is one of the first restaurants to open in Beirut Souk’s, a new shopping development off of downtown. But if this funky yet classic eatery is any preview of things to come, we all have reason to be excited for the future. The restaurant presents excellent cuisine in a laid-back atmosphere that it is an ideal stop-in point at any hour of the day – and they plan to do business around the clock.

“Most of our guests are loyal guests,” says Davina Daoud, CRM Coordinator. “People have enjoyed Casper & Gambini’s elsewhere in the city so now, when they hear about a new restaurant opening up, they’re eager to check it out.”

Silver by C&G is something of a novelty for the company which traditionally focuses on coffee and even has its own roast. True to form, they retain a full page for coffee and expresso drinks, including a signature “white coffee” herbal infusion; but the café feel has been balanced with an eclectic yet selective menu ranging from American to Italian cuisine. The menu is tied together, however, by a strong adherence to quality and a refined aesthetic sense of presentation.

Entering the restaurant feels a little bit like stepping fifty years into the past and future simultaneously. There’s a certain retro feel to the place, generated by its gaudy colors, vinyl seating and diner-style layout, that would seem to place it squarely in the 1950s; yet with a futuristic twist. The décor is chrome and glass, and the forms all lean towards an obtuse geometry. The end result is nostalgic, trendy and charming all at once.

The food is certainly excellent and will keep customers coming back for more. Portions are moderate but rich, and all ingredients are carefully selected and prepared on site, so you can eat a full meal and still walk away feeling light and active. A few highlights stand out – edamame with teriyaki sauce as an appetizer, the pasta, all of which is made daily by the restaurant’s Italian head chef, and the mouth-watering chocolate molten tart. Oh, and if you ask, the management is sure to recommend the seared-rare tuna. We do too.

While the menu leans towards the gourmet, all tastes are accommodated. Diners looking for something casual yet quality-based will be pleased to see that hamburgers, wings and pizza have all made it on as well.

Though it has only been open for a week, Silver by C&G is already booked solid during the lunch hour and is gradually winning its niche in the dinner bracket as well. Its central location and ability to deliver quality consistently will no doubt increase its popularity in the weeks to come, so if you’re looking to check it out, book ahead!