SevenFriday Founder Interview

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If you’re looking for a unique watch with impressive design and quality at good value, SevenFriday is the newest luxury brand on the market. Having been in the watch industry for a few years, Swiss founder Daniel Niederer decided to venture out on his own with a range of appealing models. This is not a simple three-hander. The watch is rather large and the design of the dial is almost retro, reminiscent of a vintage TV. With ultra stylish luxurious touches, a cool complex dial, as well as Miyota movements and features that are overall sleek and original, surprisingly SevenFriday is in the below $1000 range. Niederer says his philosophy and the concept behind SevenFriday is that not every quality watch must cost thousands of dollars. He is also clear about the watch’s unique identity, and doesn’t claim it will appeal to everybody. This is why he’s interested in developing a good product, even if it takes time to do so. There is often a long waiting list for the accessible, attractive timepiece, but when it arrives in its cool wooden case, it’ll surely be worth the wait. 

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