Rock Festival 2011: Lebanon’s Rockers Headbanged the Night Away

Rock Festival 2011, in its second edition, proved that Lebanon craves for rock music in many levels. Unique and one of a kind event in the whole of the Middle East, the Rock Festival 2011, too place in the Roman Amphitheater in Zouk Mikael.
The old backdrop was a fascinating set up for the modern exquisite line up of international rock performers. People from different walks of life came to head bang the night away with friends and fellow fans.

The line up during the festival included amazing performances by:

Serj Tankian (USA) with the Lebanese Symphony Orchestra

Khatchadour Tankian (USA)

Eileen Khatchadourian (LEBANON)

epiSode (LEBANON)

Moonspell (PORTUGAL)Katatonia (SWEDEN)

The Hourglass (SYRIA)

Kimaera (LEBANON)

Sex Assets & Waste Management (France)

Weeping Willow (Lebanon)